About Me

A.C. Land

I’m a lover of stories._DSC4013

Ever since first reading about escaping to Neverland and a slew of wild creatures hiding in a Mitten, I dreamed of telling stories. Growing up in the rural sticks of
Missouri, not five miles from the Meramec River, I always wanted to write about people just like me.

Big stories about small towns.

So that’s just what I did.

A Shot of Bourbon (BookFish Books), Shot of Burbon Teaserabout a couple of teenagers, who are drawn to each other because of a past that connects both of them to the infamous Bourbon Butchers and an eighteen year-old bank robbery.  A Shot of Bourbon, the first of the four-book Bourbon series, is scheduled for release March 29, 2016. Click Here For the Nook Pre-Order of A Shot of Bourbon. Or Here for the Amazon Link.





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