Bourbon on The Rocks

_DSC6428Bourbon on The Rocks

A Bourbon Standalone Novel

Coming May 2016


The daughter of a Navy Seal turned pastor, Brittney Ann has lived a very sheltered life. She aches for the moments when she can race her decrepit hand-me-down Plymouth away from the family farm, for just a little taste of freedom.

On the inside, she’s dying for heart-racing adventure and a summer of working volunteer hours isn’t her idea of fun, but she doesn’t have the nerve to tell her parents otherwise.

Barry Prescott breathes just for the buzz of adrenaline fro_DSC6007m living on the edge, listening to classic hard rock on vinyls, and the high that he catches from snorting prescription painers.

After getting busted with the sheriff’s daughter and slammed with bogus charges, he’s forced to spend the summer doing community service.


But when his dad cuts him off he hits rock bottom on the musky floor of the city library as he fights the withdrawals. He knows he’s a goner, until the preacher’s daughter shows up determined to love him sober.